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More about this research

What will this project involve?

If you decide to take part, you can access the TeachBRITE app on a computer or mobile device of your choice. The app will ask for some basic information about yourself and your baby, before providing some activities for you to do together.

I want to get involved - what do I do next?

Great! The participant information page provides some more details about the study and your involvement. Once you have read this and are happy to proceed, please visit the Consent Form page. Here you will be able to tick the boxes to show that you agree to participate in the study. Once you have clicked submit, you will be provided with a unique code – please take a note of this as it will be required by the app. This enables all your data to be anonymised and protects your information. Now you are ready to download the app using the link provided and then you can start the fun!

Participant Information